Untermyer Park’s Beauty is a Work Decades in the Making

Untermyer Park is a stunning public park located in Yonkers that has a rich history and a unique story to tell. The park spans over 43 acres and boasts beautiful gardens, intricate architecture, and scenic views of the Hudson River. This article will delve into the history of Untermyer Park, exploring its past and how it has evolved into the beautiful space it is today.

Samuel Untermyer (1858–1940)
Samuel Untermyer

The park was originally owned by Samuel Untermyer, a prominent lawyer and businessman. He purchased the property in 1899. Untermyer was an avid gardener and horticulturist, spending years transforming the once barren land into a lush paradise. He added several gardens to the estate, including a Persian Garden and a Walled Garden. The Vista Overlook was also designed to showcase the beauty of the Hudson River.

Untermyer was also a philanthropist. Therefore, he opened up his gardens to the public, hosting concerts, cultural events, and even donating some of the gardens to the city of Yonkers. The gardens quickly became a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

In 1940, Untermyer passed away, and the estate was left to his family. However, due to financial struggles and the changing times, the gardens fell into disrepair. The property was eventually sold to the City of Yonkers in 1946. The city eventually turned the estate into a public park.

Restoration and Revival

It wasn’t until the 1970s that efforts were made to restore the gardens to their original glory. A group of volunteers formed the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy. This group worked tirelessly to revitalize the gardens and bring them back to life. The conservancy restored several of the gardens, including the Vista Overlook and the Walled Garden. They also began hosting events and concerts in the park.

Untermyer park

Over the years, the park has continued to grow and evolve. The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy has added new features to the park, including a waterfall and a Temple of Love, which was inspired by the famous Temple of Love in Versailles. They have also expanded their programming, hosting a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including yoga classes, guided tours, and performances by local artists.

Today, Untermyer Park is one of the most beautiful and unique public parks in the United States. It is a testament to the vision and hard work of Samuel Untermyer and the countless volunteers who have dedicated themselves to preserving and enhancing the gardens over the years. Whether you are a gardener, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates beauty and nature, Untermyer Park is a must-visit destination that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

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