Our Team

We are proud that team at The Yonkers Ledger is a mix of volunteers and paid contributors from all over Yonkers. As we continue to grow, we invite other Yonkersites to reach out to us and join our nonprofit mission of informing our city with real, independent local news.

The directors are the legal owners of The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated. They guide the strategy of the organization and enact decisions by a two-thirds vote. Directors perform their duties on a fully-volunteer basis and therefore receive no compensation.

Eva Sanchez
Mark Parolisi
Erin Solari

Our staff are tasked with specific roles and responsibilities to further our nonprofit mission of bringing local news to Yonkers. Each staff member operates as an independent contractor, paid for their specific contributions to our cause. Most of our staff have full-time professional careers in their specific skillset and carry that experience over to their part-time work within our organization.

Kisha D. Skipper
Managing Editor
Jahdaya Francis
Social Video
Alex Kavege
Social Media Manager
Elizabeth Diaz
Samantha Minaya
Nyla B. Green
Lindsay Lee
Gemma Gonputh
Data Analytics
Catarina Mendes

The Yonkers Ledger was founded upon, and continues to thrive, from the fully-volunteer efforts of our community. There are dozens of volunteer contributors who have published hundreds of articles throughout our library. We would like to highlight some of our most prolific and popular contributors below. Please considering joining your neighbors in submitting your own content by clicking here.

Christine and Eden PetersRon MattenPhilip Armstrong
Max GuttmanFernando FuentesAndrew Isles
Donna DavisPhil ZismanArdina Seward
Michael WightJamie L. Rotante
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