Back-to-School Meal Options For Energy That Lasts All Day

Lunchtime will change a bit when students return to class this fall.

Following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, New York City public schools will use other places outside the cafeteria for mealtimes, such as gyms, classrooms, or outdoor areas. Additionally, they want to space out lunchtimes to reduce social isolation.

This is all an effort to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus and ensure sure that the students do not come in contact with the virus. Since its outspread, the virus has taken many lives, young and old, and all these steps are towards the betterment of a more safe environment.

As far as packing lunch is concerned, parents now have more choices than ever. However, the sale of citrus fruits has risen because it helps in increasing immunity. Turmeric and garlic are other items whose sales have gone up, though we don’t expect those to be in many kids’ lunches anytime soon.

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