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The Yonkers Ledger is an independent, not-for-profit, community news publication about all things in Yonkers, New York.

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Our Organization

The Yonkers Ledger is owned by The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated. It is a registered 501(c)(3) organization operating in the state of New York. You may view all of our legal documents by clicking here.

Directors of The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated

Eva Sanchez: CEO

Mark Parolisi: CFO

Erin Solari: Secretary

Business Address

1767 Central Park Ave Ste 194

Yonkers, New York 10710


Our Finances

We publish our financial disclosures annually. These summarize our donations and out itemized operating costs. We never solicit donations from businesses or political campaigns. Funding is acquired through journalism grants and small-dollar individual donations.

The Directors and Officers of The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated are fully volunteer positions. We do not compensate for published content that is submitted to us. From time to time, we do commission content such as original photography.

We do not run advertising in any form. No display ads, no sponsored content*, and no content subscription services. Our news is produced for free and is distributed for free. The Yonkers Ledger is an informational service for our community, not a business.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a news outlet in a majority-minority city, representation matters to us. Our board of directors reflects this commitment and our inclusive policy on content submissions bolsters these community voices. We promise to tell the stories of all Yonkers residents as we document the present-day disparities still faced by many in our city. We are proud to have contributors from groups like the NAACP, LGBTQ+ Advisory Board, Human Rights Commission, and other organizations support a more just society.

Style Guide

The logo and branding for The Yonkers Ledger is registered as a service mark in New York State under four categories. You may not use it without permission. If permitted, you can click here to find the Brand Style Guide for The Yonkers Ledger.

Our Content

Our community newsroom is committed to local news with a neutral voice. Our goal is to raise awareness of events, organizations, and processes that affect the lives of everyday residents in the city.

Political news

We are not legally permitted to make political endorsements. Any coverage of politics is informational. We publish press releases from candidates and elected officials-plainly marking them as such. Furthermore, we refrain from promoting any political fundraising activities. All subsequent reporting on these types of events is solely to raise awareness of the process. Lastly, many stories filed under the Politics category are co-authored by two or three contributors in an effort to produce balanced reporting.


Some content may be published under an anonymized byline. Content published under the “Staff” byline represents a team-effort reporting to focus solely on the content and not the authors. Content published under the “Contributor” byline denotes stories submitted to us without a verified byline. Like all content, it is reviewed for accuracy and tone before publication. We believe that if the content is factual and stands on its own, the brand of The Yonkers Ledger supersedes any one particular writer’s name.

Attribution and Republishing

Some stories published here may be sourced from other news outlets. We maintain syndication partnerships with certain organizations to republish their content in full with a full citation preceding that content. In other cases, a story may be well-covered and The Yonkers Ledger will publish original content with inline citations as-needed.

We encourage the republishing of our content. As we are a not-for-profit with the mission of informing our community, the republishing and sharing of our content only furthers our mission. We do ask that our content not be adulterated or misattributed. A simple reference or link back to the original article is sufficient for attribution.

While our content is free to share, The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated does own the service mark for our brand. Please see our style guide for more information.

General Ethics

To follow this commitment to fairness and transparency, The Yonkers Ledger uses the SPJ Code of Ethics as its editorial guidelines. The content submitted to us by the public is reviewed for accuracy and tone. Content advocating a certain position may still be published in our Opinion section. Opinion content will always have a verified byline (i.e. no anonymized bylines).

If an author or any director of the organization is connected personally or financially to a story, that will be clearly disclosed in the article.


We understand that our news is only as valuable as it is truthful. However, if we ever make a mistake, we promise to immediately correct it. While corrections will be clearly marked, clarifications and additional context may be added to publish content without such markings.

If you feel we have published something in error, please contact us here: https://www.theyonkersledger.com/contact-us/

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*Note that the FTC dictates guidelines for sponsored content summarized here: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2019/11/ftc-releases-advertising-disclosures-guidance-online-influencers

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