Chaos at MGM Yonkers Raceway: Multiple-Horse Accident Forces No Contest

In a shocking event on Friday night at MGM Yonkers Raceway, a race came to a sudden halt as a multiple-horse accident unfolded, leading to a no contest being declared. The incident involved four horses and their drivers.

  • Oaxacan Dream N with Jim Marohn Jr.
  • Two Proud with Matt Kakaley
  • Man Dontforget Me with Bob Di Nozzi
  • Silent Crossing with Tyler Buter
Horse Racing accident at MGM Grand Raceway
Horse Racing accident at MGM Yonkers Racewaycredit: MGM Yonkers Raceway

As the field charged into the first turn, Oaxacan Dream N was on the verge of taking the lead when an unexpected mishap occurred. The horse appeared to trip and fell to the track. This triggered a chain reaction as the trailing horses collided with the downed competitor.

None of the horses sustained any injuries. However, some of the four jockeys broke an assortment of ribs and collarbones. Yonkers Raceway promises to provide updates on their conditions as soon as possible.

The severity of the accident prompted the cancellation of the final race on the program. With racing temporarily on hold, the schedule at MGM Yonkers Raceway resumes on Monday, November 20. Additionally, a card is slated for Tuesday, November 21, before the track observes a week-long hiatus for Thanksgiving.

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