Yonkers Embraces TV Production Hub Status with Mediapro Facility Breaking Ground

The partnership between Mediapro North America and Great Point Studios proves once again that Yonkers is at the forefront of film and television production in North America.

Construction of the modern production studio complex began on November 6th with a groundbreaking ceremony at 1050 North Broadway. Opening next fall, the state-of-the-art facility will add 30,000 square feet of soundstages to Yonkers’ media production sector.

MediaPro groundbreaking
MediaPro groundbreaking – credit: City of Yonkers

Known for its content production and distribution services, multinational firm GRUP MEDIAPRO is expanding its presence in the US through its Mediapro North America division. Through their partnership with Great Point Studios, the venture also brings together diverse experience in television and film infrastructure. Industry leader Robert Halmi, who co-founded Great Point Studios with Fehmi Zeko, has more than 400 film and television productions to his credit.

At the November 6th ceremony, Halmi was enthusiastic about Yonkers’ potential and future in media production.

It’s clearly now the number one place in the United States to make film and television. That’s Yonkers now. That’s where people are coming, that’s where they’re going to be coming for the future.

Hollywood on Hudson

As Mediapro breaks ground in Northwest Yonkers, the city is living up to its “Hollywood on Hudson” reputation. As Yonkers transforms into a production hub for the entertainment industry, Mayor Mike Spano is optimistic about the city’s unique approach to urban development, local job creation, and long-term economic stability.

The addition of Mediapro to Yonkers’ growing film and production landscape further demonstrates our city’s reimagined approach to redevelopment, creating local jobs and economic vitality,” said Mayor Spano at the ceremony. “We are thankful to Mediapro and Great Point Studios for investing in Yonkers […], truly making us Hollywood on Hudson.

Invested in Innovation

With a total production space of 183,008 square feet, the Mediapro facility will include two 20,000-square-foot soundstages. These are complimented by office space for post-production and administration, as well dedicated rooms for make-up and other visual effects.

In addition to the North Broadway facility, Great Point and Mediapro have a broader vision of film production in Yonkers. With plans for a 32-acre campus on Hawthorne Street, the partnership plans to build a media-oriented school for the public.

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  1. Film studio’s and the income they bring to Yonkers is a good thing.
    The city must however balance the Future of Yonkers and the well being of its citizens.
    The new industry is welcome as long as Yonkers residents are not being burdened with more taxes for this to happen.
    Yonkers home/condo/coop ownership rates have been dropping and there is barley any new housing stock other than Rentals being built or planned for the City of Yonkers. Yonkers in fact has more rental unites for it population size than any city in the the area (Newark, Rochester, White plains, NYC)
    The tax abatement given the new studios and all the New Rental apartment building means that the burden falls on the existing residents who are then forced to move. This makes more property available to be developed.
    City officials will tell us that the income tax and sales tax will make up for this and tax increases are not on the board. This has yet to prove itself and if we have an ecconimic down turn it may evaporate.
    They will tell us that they need to keep giving these tax breaks to draw in more and more business.
    We the residents of Yonkers will ask what is the cost to our quality of life and can we plan a future in the CITY OF YONKERS.
    With the enormous amount of building construction in the works or planned for the City of Yonkers will not be recognizable in the near future. The drive to remove many working class people from the west side and built new massive buildings that require an income of 150 thousand dollars a year. The most difficult thing to understand is how it will all come together. Developers are planning or have built 8000 new appartments on the West side since 2018.
    Infrastructure to support this massive building is not in place and we already have black out in the summer. Massive flooding during storms and the only sewage plant in our area is up to capacity.
    City Officials will be hard pressed in the future when either deaths or injury occur as a result of this overtaxes system. We should expect the usual blame it on the State of NY or the Feds when that happens.
    We the Citizens wish all the wisdom of Solomon on our City officials and cross our fingers they are using it.

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