The Search for a New Public Schools Superintendent Narrows with Finalist Anibal Soler Jr.

The Yonkers Public Schools District is on the hunt for a new Superintendent. The year-long search may be drawing to a close with certain candidates entering the spotlight.

The interim replacement, Dr. Luis Rodriguez has taken on the mantle at the tail end of the previous leader’s retirement, Edwin Quezada, who held the role for six years. Dr. Rodriguez has had a lengthy, decorated career across several different sectors. Over the past nine years, Dr. Rodriguez has dedicated himself to the role of Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Pupil Support Services within the district. He began as a Special Educator, then as Director of Special Education Instruction, for an impressive network of twenty-nine NYC public schools. He will remain in this Interim Superintendent position until at least July 31, 2024.

Who is in the running?

Schenectady City School District Superintendent Anibal Soler Jr. is one of the confirmed finalists for this leadership role. He has 21 years of educational experience spanning multiple districts. He was a Rochester High School and Middle School principal, superintendent for the Batavia City School District in Genesee County, and has been the superintendent of schools within the Schenectady City School District since July 2021. However, Soler has come under scrutiny recently for refusal to respond to FOIL requests regarding contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another, more familiar, name in the running is Nader Sayegh. Assembly Member Sayegh has been a Yonkers resident since childhood, growing up on the southwest side. Sayegh started as a teacher and had a long career as a Yonkers School Principal for 30 years. After this he was a college professor and eventually became the President of the Yonkers Board of Education. Along the way he gained a degree in International Affairs from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Juris Doctor of Law from Pace University. While Sayegh confirmed to The Yonkers Ledger that he had applied for the role, the district has been clear that no choice has been officially declared.

Through this process to select the next Superintendent, the Yonkers School District seeks to welcome a leader with an impressive array of experience and qualifications. Each candidate so far seems to bring forth proven expertise to guide the district toward its continued goal of excellence in education.

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