Reality and Myths About Vaping: Nicotine, THC, and the New Mysterious Illness

A wellness study on marijuana and tobacco has produced a range of conclusions, which some find startling given that Americans have been persuaded for decades that smoking is harmful to their health.

Although designed to be an alternative to tobacco use, the Centers for Disease Control report that nicotine levels in commercially available e-cigarettes have consistently grown over the past five years. A pack of 20 traditional burn-and-inhale cigarettes has the same amount of nicotine as a JUUL pod, one of the most well-known e-cigarette brands.

While smoking cigarettes is the main cause of lung cancer, some scientific data indicates that marijuana use is not associated with the disease. This is supported by a 2017 federal study that summarized over two decades’ worth of research on marijuana, research that has been constrained by marijuana’s categorization by the federal government as a restricted narcotic similar to heroin.

Even while lung-related sickness is spreading across the country and another enigma surrounding these devices is being raised, a recent poll reveals that thousands of middle school pupils in cities are vaping.

Patients have reported chest discomfort, weariness, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms such as trouble breathing.

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