Toll Brothers Proposes Subdivision and Cluster Development in Yonkers

Renowned developer, Toll Brothers, is seeking approval from the City of Yonkers to transform a five acre property at 612 E. Grassy Sprain Road into an innovative cluster development.

The developer

Toll Brothers is a Fortune 500 company established in 1967 and headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. With 2022 revenues of $10.28 billion and net income of $1.28 billion, they bring a wealth of experience and resources along with their proposal.

The proposal

The proposal outlines a plan to subdivide the property at 612 E. Grassy Sprain Road into 28 single-family lots. These lots are complemented by a separate open space lot and access road. The 28 building lots would each house a townhouse-style dwelling unit, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. The proposal groups these units into pairs with zero-foot setbacks; maximizing the land usage. Additionally, a 1.07-acre lot would be designated as open space, featuring a stormwater management pond.

A central road would provide access to the cluster development, replacing the need for individual driveways and further optimizing land utilization. This approach would limit overall disturbance, reduce impervious surfaces, and enhance buffer areas on the property, promoting sustainability and conservation.

Toll Brothers asserts that this design aligns with the character of the predominantly residential neighborhood. They also suggest that it minimizes potential environmental impacts compared to conventional subdivision methods.

The property, currently owned by 612 Sprain Brook LLC, has been in use since 1981 as the headquarters for a shipping business operating around the clock, seven days a week. Toll Brothers has a contract in place to purchase the land, which, notably, was previously subject to a rezoning proposal in 2019 for a similar cluster development. Furthermore, the property is adjacent to an existing single-family townhouse-style development, reinforcing the compatibility of Toll Brothers’ plans with the area.

David Cooper and Jaclyn Cohen of the White Plains-based law firm Zarin & Steinmetz are representing the Toll Brothers. They are scheduled to present their proposal to the Yonkers Planning Board on September 15th. They invite community input and feedback.

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