Anthony Merante Delivers on Sidewalk Repair

This story was syndicated with permission by Ardina Seward from the SW Yonkers’ Hamlet Hub

In May, 2023, SW Yonkers Hamlet Hub reported on a broken sidewalk at the corner of Willow and Warburton.

According to residents, the sidewalk had been in disrepair for twenty five years. Sources stated that Yonkers City Council President, Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, allegedly issued a repair work order after being informed of the problem. Yet, four months later, no work had been done.

In September 2023, SW Yonkers HamletHub escorted Yonkers City Councilman and mayoral candidate, Anthony Merante, on a tour of the sidewalk.

Merante vowed to take action.

Crews began working on the sidewalk in mid October 2023. As of October 21, 2023, substantial repair work has been done. Willow Place residents can once again, use the sidewalk after twenty five years of neglect.

Willow and Warburton sidewalk repair
Willow and Warburton sidewalk repair – credit: Ardina Seward

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  1. Now I wish he’d do something about the road btw Executive Blvd and the Graham School. It’s a disaster and he’s been asked about doing something about it but has ignored our pleas.

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