Majority Leader Pineda-Isaac Sees Body Cam Resolution Pass After Five Years

In their final meeting before summer recess, Yonkers City Council approved a resolution designed to keep the citizens of Yonkers safe. The Council is encouraging the City to require the use of body cams for all on-patrol Yonkers police officers.

City Council Majority Leader Corazon Pineda-Isaac is encouraged by the resolution and the support it has received amongst council members and City administration. In 2015, Pineda-Isaac brought forward a similar resolution that failed to pass with council’s republican majority.

“In 2015, there was a republican majority on the council and my resolution didn’t pass. This time around the will of the council is there, and support from the community and our residents is also there. I’m excited that conversations are happening and we are getting close to making it happen,” Pineda-Isaac stated.

Since Pineda-Isaac’s initial resolution was proposed, sentiments among councilmembers and City officials have changed. Mayor Spano recently commented on the body camera debate–a cause he believes is in the best interest of Yonkersites.

As reported by the Yonkers Times:

“You spoke. I listened,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “Since the beginning of my administration, I have advocated for body cameras. Now, because of your collective voices, we are working with the Yonkers Police Department, Yonkers Police unions, and U.S. Department of Justice, on closing in on a deal to bring body cameras to The City of Yonkers.”

In City Council, the resolution passed unanimously, with Majority Leader Pineda-Isaac as the lead sponsor and co-sponsorship from Council President Mike Khader and council members Shanae Williams, Tasha Diaz, John Rubbo, Mike Breen, and Anthony Merante. The resolution passed swiftly due to the recent Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd tragedies–events that highlighted the importance of Pineda-Isaac’s resolution.

“In 2015, I understood there was a disconnect between police and people of color,” Pineda-Isaac stated. “It’s important for the community to work together with the police and I think that body cameras would help build that trust. Everything I felt then I feel now, and it’s even more important now.”

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