Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins Grows Her Scarf Collection

At ArtsWestchester’s annual gala on November 14th, local fashion company, Politically Urban, took center stage to present a custom-designed scarf to New York State Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins. The unique accessory marked a significant moment for the brand’s marketing efforts, targeting urban adults with a commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable fashion that promotes a positive black image.

Founded by Yonkers resident Quinnell Williams, Politically Urban envisions a brand that empowers individuals to boldly walk in their purpose while expressing themselves through fashion. As a symbol of Williams’ broader vision for his business and brand, he designed the colorful scarf specifically for Sen. Stewart-Cousins. Williams believes she embodies a “politically urban” mentality through her signature style.

I designed this brand for leaders, creators, and truth seekers who unify communities and cultures,” stated Williams, who conceptualized his brand for a senior college project as he earned his graphic design degree from the State University of New York in Cobleskill.

BCW President & CEO Marsha Gordon; New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Politically Urban Founder Quinnell Williams. Photo courtesy of the Business Council of Westchester.
Marsha Gordon; Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Quinnell Williams. – Photo courtesy of the Business Council of Westchester

Politically Urban is an acronym for “Politically Unified Requires Bond And Nurture,” and their mission extends beyond fashion. By taking a proactive approach to environmental responsibility, Politically Urban sources its garments from eco-friendly wholesalers, ensuring that its products are produced in sweatshop-free factories. Since its humble beginnings in 2017, the business has grown into a brand that encourages individuals to embrace their purpose, creativity, and truth-seeking nature.

Positive Representation and Community Unity

With Politically Urban’s custom-designed gift, Sen. Stewart-Cousins adds to her growing collection of bold and stylish scarves. In a 2020 Medium article, she wrote about the importance of developing her signature style—and how embracing fashion helps her stand out to her constituents.

I won my first election in 1995 to serve as the Yonkers representative to the Westchester County Board of Legislators. That victory made me only the second African American woman to be elected from Yonkers, a city just north of New York City where the majority of residents—in the 1990s—were white.

I quickly became aware that my constituents continuously mistook me for the first African American woman elected in Yonkers, a good friend of mine. I realized that if I wanted to set myself apart—and spare my voters some embarrassment—I’d have to distinguish myself. I’d have to create a brand.

That’s how I discovered my signature scarves. I wear one every day. An American flag scarf when celebrating our country, a pink scarf when supporting women’s reproductive health and a kente cloth for Black History Month. After 25 years, if I walk into a room without one on, it’s all anyone wants to talk about!

As Politically Urban continues to make waves in the fashion industry, the delivery of the custom scarf to Sen. Stewart-Cousins stands further the brand’s commitment to positive representation, community unity, and sustainable practices.

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