Yonkers Police Release Body Cam Footage of Incident with Child

After a video of an interaction between the Yonkers Police Department and a child went viral on social media, the YPD released full body camera footage of the incident.

On June 11th, the YPD received a call from a concerned resident who reported a young boy wearing a white shirt and khaki pants, appearing disheveled and walking alone. The caller, worried about the well-being of the child, requested police intervention. Two officers responded to the call and located the boy at the corner of Palisade Avenue and Elm Street.

The Police respond to the public

The department released the body camera footage of the primary officer involved on August 8th. In the video, the officers are seen approaching the boy and engaging him in conversation. The officers inquire about his destination and offer him a ride home due to the concerned call they had received. However, the boy becomes defensive and provides limited information while insisting that he is “fine.” Despite his response, the officers continue to walk alongside him, ensuring his safety as he makes his way home.

Alongside the body camera footage, the Yonkers Police Department also released the audio recording of the original 911 call made by the concerned resident. Both pieces of evidence have been provided to the public with certain redactions to protect the caller’s privacy.

The department asserts they “believe our Officers acted appropriately during this interaction” in a formal statement released on Tuesday. This statement counters what they call “false allegations” that have gained attention on social media.

As the community reviews the provided evidence, discussions about appropriate police conduct and citizen interactions continue.

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