Residents of West Yonkers Call for Moratorium on Development over Plans for Two 32-Story Towers

Residents of West Yonkers are up in arms over the proposed variance changes for the development of 143-151 Woodworth Ave which is proposed to be two 32 stories mixed residential and commercial buildings, 674 apartment units that will need more than 700 parking spaces. The community is concerned about the potential negative impacts to the area, including increased traffic, strain on infrastructure, and loss of homeownership as more rental units are introduced.

Flyer opposing 143 Woodworth development - Jeannette Garcia-Alonzo

The overdevelopment of West Yonkers has been a contentious issue in recent years, with residents raising concerns about the impact on their quality of life. The proposed development at 143-151 Woodworth Ave, another one in Warburton Ave and Glenwood Ave would only exacerbate these concerns, and many residents are urging the city to take action to prevent further overdevelopment.

We need a moratorium on overdevelopment in Yonkers,” said one resident.

“The city needs to prioritize the needs of its residents and ensure that any new developments are sustainable and in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.”

The community is calling on the city and the zoning board to take a more proactive approach to development, with a focus on preserving homeownership and promoting sustainable growth. With the proposed development at 143-151 Woodworth Ave looming, residents are urging the city to act quickly to ensure that the interests of the community are taken into account.

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  1. The city of Yonkers if hoping to close some of its budget short falls by a dramatic increase in population. They will give developers massive tax cuts for 30 to 40 years. They hope to gain income from income tax and sales tax income. Sales tax will not be the boom they are looking for. Part of the new building boom is that they are giving developers variances on Parking spaces and height in the most densely populated section of Yonkers. Because we have a very poor transportation system going East from this side of Yonkers and very little shopping on the West Side of Yonkers. This will will be a boom for the large shopping area in the Bronx that can be reached by public transportation The middle class of the City of Yonkers wil once again be held responsible for the cost of this development cost and this will only drive up the Cost of Livig i the City of Yonkers once again. In the next few years there are plans to add 5640 new apartments to the West side of Yonkers. Th

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