The Hispanic/Latino Vote in Yonkers

Yonkers Mayoral Election is just a few weeks away!

Yonkers, Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Yonkers Mayoral Candidates are:

  1. Hon. Mike Spano
  2. Hon. Anthony Merante

The Yonkers Latino Community is growing every day. The United States Census Bureau in 2020 estimated that there are approximately 85,000 Latinos residing in Yonkers.

The Latino Community is approximately 40% of the 215,000 Total Yonkers Population.

The Latino Vote will influence this election more than any other election in the past 40 years.

Hon. Mike Spano received a total of 18,371 votes in 2019 against Mr. Mario De Giorgio. That is when Hon. Mike Spano broke with “Term Limits” to run for a third term.

On November 7, 2023, Hon. Mike Spano will once again break with “Term Limits” and run for his 4th term as mayor.

Should Hon. Mike Spano win, he will be the Mayor of Yonkers for 16 Years. I am certain that if he has nowhere to go politically in four years, Hon. Mike Spano will run again for Mayor of Yonkers in 2027.

The Latino “Voting Block” which is greater than the total votes that Hon. Mike Spano received in 2019 (18,371) can elect the next Mayor of Yonkers.

The Latino Leadership of Yonkers needs to unite with one voice and demand of both Mayoral Candidates Hon. Mike Spano & Hon. Anthony Merante.

  1. Proportional Latino/a Representation in the Next Mayor’s Cabinet
  2. 1st Deputy Mayor
  3. 2nd Deputy Mayor
  4. Chief of Staff
  5. Director of Communications
  6. Director of Sustainability

City of Yonkers Departments-Proportional Latino/a Representation

Yonkers Latino Leadership, hold Hon. Mike Spano and Hon. Anthony Merante’ feet to the fire.

The Pie Chart below is a true fact. These are Yonkers Official Numbers that were submitted to the Federal and State Government.

Yonkers Workforce Ethnicity
Yonkers Workforce ethnicity – credit: Yonkers Latino Pac

As of January 17, 2023, There are 317 Latinos working in the Yonkers Municipal Side of Government.

Yonkers Latino Leaders, “Are you satisfied with these horrendous numbers?

Yonkers Latino/a Leadership, Challenge the Mayoral Candidates.

After 12 years of Hon. Mike Spano these are the results. This does not include the issue of Economic Development, where Latino/a Development is almost non-existent.

Tune in for our next article when the Yonkers Latino Political Action Club will offer the reader the names and owners of the Economic Development Corporations doing business in Yonkers and their involvement in the Political Arena.

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