Time to Wake Up Mis Hermanos/Hermanas

Today, we have 21 Days left before Yonkers decides who will be our next mayor.

Will it be our current Mayor, Mike Spano, who has occupied City Hall for 12 Years or will it be Council Member Anthony Merante, who is aspiring to represent the City of Yonkers as the next Mayor of Yonkers.

Many resident have seen and heard the last debate. Click on the link below to see the entire debate.


The Latino Voter did not put fire under the candidates feet!!

Did the Latino community get a commitment from either candidate that the Mayor would appoint Latino’s in the next Mayor’s cabinet?

Did the Latino Community get a commitment that the next Mayor would appoint Latino Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Latino Corporation Counsels, Deputy Corporation Counsels, Directors etc.?

Did the Latino Community get a commitment from either Mayoral Candidate that they would appoint Latino Developers to work on MAJOR Yonkers Projects?

I fear that the Latino Voter will be eating crumbs once again after this Mayoral Election November 7, 2023. Why, because the Latino Voter gave their endorsements to candidates without any guarantees.

The future Latino leaders of our community need to hold a stakeholders summit to plan for the Next “Westchester County Executive Race 2025 “and the Next “Mayoral Election Race 2028.”

If the current and future Latino Leadership falls asleep again, we will be eating crumbs for the next few decades…

Check the link below and count how many Latinos we have in upper management positions in the City of Yonkers:

Go to the following link to see how many Latinos work in Yonkers Municipal Government:


How many Latino Developers received Development Contracts? Almost 50% of the Yonkers Population is Latino and we still are not a part of the Yonkers Development Family….

We are excluded, because this is the money game!!! Certain Politicians want to receive all the benefits of awarding these contracts…

Below please find some links of “Economic development” in Yonkers…

Let me know if you find a Latino/a Developer!!!!!!!!!








The Next Westchester County Executive Race is 2025.

The Next Yonkers Mayoral Election is 2028

Wake up “Mis Hermanos / Hermanas”!!!!!!

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