Yonkers Inc. – A Commentary on Nepotism and Term Limits

Some families are involved in politics and convert it into a family business. Some families are altruistic and get involved in politics to help others. Other families do it to attain power and influence. Others do it so that they can attain a good living for themselves, their offspring and their siblings.

Yonkers is a microcosm of Washington, D.C.. What we see in Yonkers, multiply 1,000% and we have Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a sustpool of nepotism, corruption and influence peddling. It’s more who you know then what you know.

We can go back to Ronald Regan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush 2, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and now. Joe Biden. Deals are cut, benefits are received and life goes on.

Currently the news media is talking about Hunter Biden and Jared Kushner. Both made fortunes based on their last name and their connection to power. Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine and Jared Kushner made Billions with Saudi Arabia after he left the White House, where he worked for Donald Trump.

In Yonkers it’s very similar….

Mike Spano is the Mayor, or the Chief Executive Officer of the Yonkers Corporation. His brother control;s the City Clerk’s Office where just recently the Term Limits petition was thrown out for insufficient valid signatures. Now the family can continue in power, without worrying about term limits.

Term Limits would end the gravy train!

Term limits must never come back to Yonkers, while the Spano’s are in control.

The Spano’s, their in-laws, cousins and close friends are a significant part of the fabric of Yonkers.

They are scattered throughout the City.. You never know who is related, because a Spano daughter married and now they have a different last name by marriage, but they are a “Spano.”

If you want a Pilot Grant, tax break or loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand your business..Where do you go? The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is a good start. Spano’s sister in law is the Executive Director. The President of IDA is big brother Nick Spano‘s former Business Partner. Who is the “Consultant” for the business persons who appear before the IDA Board for Tax Breaks, Grants, Loans or any other favor..You guessed it!! Former Senator Nick Spanno, President of Empire Strategies, Inc. The Chairman of the IDA Board is , you guessed it, Mayor Mike Spano.

The Spano spider web travels throughout the City Departments and they have eyes and ears in every corner of the City. The Spano family and their consultants and aides have guided them well…Deputy Mayor Steve Levy is always nearby!!!

The Spano Dynasty is locked solid and have earned their position in the Yonkers Corporation.

However, we all know that eventually all dynasties fall…

Who will pick up the mantle…If it’s a Latino/a I can hear it already..The new Latino dynasty is hiring too many Latinos in City Government. Today’s Dynasty has kept to a minimum Latino participation in powerless positions….Tomorrow, when It’s a Latino and attempts to do what the Current Spano Dynasty is doing, they will call for a “Federal, State, County and Local Investigation.’

The former Dynasty will scream from the top of their Lungs, Latino Corruption!!!

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