James Nolan Runs for Re-Election to Board of Legislators

James Nolan of Yonkers has announced his intent to run for re-election to the district 15 seat of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Nolan won his first term in 2021 by defeating incumbent Bronxville-resident Ruth Walter. At the time, many saw this as an upset victory. Nolan’s ardent campaigning and core support from the Spano-wing of the Republican party has since been credited for this achievement.

During his first term as legislator, Nolan went with the pack on most issues. But has stood out in the face of a Democratic supermajority on a few. Undoubtably, his biggest win was his opposition to the proposed menthol cigarette ban. The ban passed the Board’s vote, but was later vetoed by County Executive George Latimer.

Nolan may face a tougher race this year than he even did in 2021. The county legislature maps have since been redistricted and Nolan has lost some of his highest performing precincts. Nevertheless, no Democrat challenger has yet to announce. Ruth Walter is an obvious guess to go round 2 with Nolan. But, speculation is that the Spano-affiliated Mark Fang may seek the Democratic party’s nomination to prevent Walter from (re)assuming that county seat.

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