Miriam Rocah Announces She Will Not Seek Re-Election as Westchester County District Attorney

Westchester County District Attorney Miriam Rocah announced on October 26 that she will not seek re-election. Rocah, who assumed office in 2021, made her intentions clear in a heartfelt statement.

Former federal prosecutor Rocah entered the political arena in 2019 with a vision for the District Attorney’s Office. She campaigned on the promise of modernizing the criminal justice system, improving victim services, and building stronger community trust. In her statement today, she cited her desire for a “truly modern, independent, and apolitical justice system.”

During her tenure, Rocah struck a balance between being tough on violent crime while showing flexibility and compassion in dealing with low-level, non-violent offenses.

A prosecutor, not a politician

However, in her announcement, Rocah emphasized her non-political approach to the role. She stated that her decisions were always grounded in facts, law, and public safety. She expressed confidence that the changes implemented during her tenure would continue to make Westchester safer and fairer. Rocah highlighted the need for ongoing reforms in the county. Reforms especially around strengthening the independence of the DA’s office away from political influence.

But it seems the crux of her decision not to seek re-election came after personal reflections prompted by the terrorist attack on Israel and its aftermath. Rocah admitted that this had profoundly affected her. Thusly, it led her to prioritize her family’s needs and consider her future.

While her decision not to run for a second term may come as a surprise to many, Rocah assured the public that she would remain committed to raising public awareness and advocating for ethical reforms in the county, fighting for truth and justice, and addressing pressing national and global issues.

Rocah expressed her gratitude to the dedicated prosecutors in her office. She thanked them for their commitment to implementing the important changes sought by the county’s residents. She also extended her thanks to the voters who granted her the opportunity to lead the office.

As the news of her decision reverberates throughout the county, many await the emergence of new candidates. AJ Woodson at Black Westchester names three likely to enter next year’s race. Regardless of who and how many may run, all await to see if Rocah’s departure has a lasting impact on the future of the county’s justice system.

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