Yonkers GOP Press Release on Redistricting

Official Press Release from the Yonkers GOP

Yonkers Republican Party stands against newly gerrymandered Yonkers City Council District 6

On Friday, January 20th, the Yonkers City Council released their new City Council lines. The new City Council lines saw drastic changes in most districts. Every decade Federal law dictates that the Yonkers City Council must redistrict the six Council seats, so that the population matches on a 5% interval.

District 6 saw the biggest alteration. It now spans from the Hudson River to Central Avenue. This new district would give Democrats an unfair advantage in the 2025 election.

Yonkers Chairman & Former Yonkers City Councilman John Larkin said “If you look up “gerrymander” in the dictionary, you will see the new District 6. Elbridge Gerry would be proud of this district. It would be unfair to allow District 6 as is to pass. It’s a shame that the district I represented for 8 years has been so radically altered!”

Larkin continued, “The way Northwest Yonkers was split up is messy. In particular, the neighborhoods of Monastery Heights and Woodstock Manor have been cut street by street into Districts 1, 3, and 6. To the point that in Woodstock Manor neighboring houses are in three different City Council Districts.”

Larkin continued, “This map moves around over a quarter of the Yonkers population into new districts. With such radical alterations to the City Council map, residents have three days’ notice to let their voices be heard. The Districts will be on the City Council agenda for the 31st giving the Republican Party only a few days to fight this.”

Larkin ended with “We need every concerned citizen possible to come to the Riverfront Library Monday at 6 PM or the Will Library Wednesday at 6 PM to let their voices be heard.”

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