Brand Style Guide for The Yonkers Ledger

The Yonkers Ledger brand is a registered service mark in the state of New York (S25687) owned by The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated (EIN 92-2151502). The service mark is registered for the following categories: 35, 38, 41, 42

While The Yonkers Ledger operates as free source of news content, its brand may not be used without permission. Nor may it ever deviate from the following specifications.



The Yonkers Ledger may only be monochromatic black and white. There may be no alternative colors used or opacity variation to these colors. However, inverted colors may be used when necessary.

logo black


The Yonkers Ledger logo uses the “Georgia” typeface in bold weight with the word, Ledger, italicized. No other typefaces may be used to represent The Yonkers Ledger brand.

The Yonkers Ledger YL logo


In cases were a small square icon must be used, there is an abbreviated logo. The letters YL can be used in place of the full logo. The YL icon confirms to the color and fonts of the full logo and must not be altered.

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