Graffiti Bandit Targets Famous Frank Pepe Pizzeria

The nonstop occurrences of graffiti across local pizzerias hits Frank Pepe Pizza in Yonkers after its acceptance into the famous MICHELIN Guide last month.

An ongoing art project

Throughout this year, a mysterious artist (or artists) has been tagging local pizza places with images of an iconic slice.

Roma Pizza graffiti
Graffiti on Roma Pizza – credit: The Yonkers Ledger

Bella Rosa Pizza in Yonkers fell victim to to this unidentified graffiti vandal in July. This marked the ninth such incident in Westchester County since April, with at least three in Yonkers alone. The graffiti depicts a colorful pizza slice with various toppings, sparking a divided sentiment among owners and customers. While some see it as urban artwork, others express concerns about potential damage and the criminal nature of the tags. Owners like Joe DelBalzo at 4 Corners Pizzeria encourage alternative expressions of pizza love. Others like Cosimo & Johnny’s in White Plains, have taken swift action to remove the spray paint.

Graffiti vandalism is a criminal offense in New York State, carrying legal consequences. Surveillance footage from another victim, Pizza Pizza on Warburton Ave, captured the vandal but has not led to their identification.

Frank Pepe pizza recognized

Frank Pepe pizza
Frank Pepe pizza – Yelp

In September, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in Yonkers earned a coveted spot in the latest MICHELIN Guide New York. Of the 15 new additions, most of the featured restaurants are in Manhattan, Frank Pepe’s inclusion highlights the only Westchester eatery.

Known for its beloved coal-fired pizzas, the Yonkers location impresses with its unique pizza dough recipe, and coal oven cooking, resulting in a crispy yet chewy crust. Options range from classic tomato pie with mozzarella to the famous white clam pizza. This recognition underscores the growing appeal of Frank Pepe’s iconic pizzas beyond its original Connecticut roots.

But today, owners and patrons of Pepe’s will be greeted by the most ambitious pizza graffiti yet. Instead of a single slice, the brick wall entrance to Pepe’s is now adorned with numerous slices and the establishment’s name headlining the artwork.

Frank Pepe pizza graffiti
Frank Pepe pizza graffiti – supplied

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