Yonkers Students Take the Stepinac Theatre Stage for a Performance of the Clever Comedy, “Clue”

Archbishop Stepinac High School is hosting a production of Clue at the end of January. This stage rendition takes inspiration from the 1985 cult-classic film and famous Hasbro board game; bringing new life to the popular comedy.

A Household Name

Anthony E. Pratt originally created Clue and recieved its patent in 1947. However, post-war shortages halted the game’s manufacture for several years. London’s Waddington’s Games finally published the board game as Cluedo in 1949. Then, their American partner, Parker Brothers, brought out a slightly modified version called Clue the same year.

In 1985, the film “Clue” premiered as a comedic mystery based on the classic board game. It brought the iconic game to life with a star-studded ensemble cast including Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael McKean. What sets “Clue” apart is its unique approach to storytelling. There are three different endings, each revealing a different culprit, and theaters randomly screened one of the three conclusions. This decision was made to replicate the uncertainty and surprise inherent in the game itself. The film’s witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and clever adaptation of the board game elements contribute to its cult status, making “Clue” a timeless and entertaining classic.

A Look at the Talent

Talent from neighboring schools across Westchester will be lending a hand in the Stepinac production. Sacred Heart High class of ’25 student, Amy Walsh, takes a leading female role. She shares the stage with fellow Yonkersite, Calvin Lindo. Lindo continues his leading man status after his performance as Frankie Valli in Stepinac Theatre’s premiere of Jersey Boys production. He notably won the Best Leading Actor Award for that role at the 13th Annual Roger Rees Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical for Greater New York.

Several more Yonkers residents also perform alongside Walsh and Lindo; making our city proud. Matthew Gierer and Jordan Prado (class of ’24), Jordan Hamers and Annaliese Brown of Maria Regina High School (class of ’25), and John Bohan (class of ’27).

Get Your Tickets!

Tickets are still available for the January 24, 25, and 27 performances ranging from $10 to $20 each. Get your tickets today at www.stepinac.org/showtickets

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