Independence Care System Expands Disability-Competent Care Services to Westchester County

Independence Care System (ICS), a nonprofit organization providing disability-competent care and essential services, recently announced the expansion of its Health Home program to residents of Westchester County.

With over two decades of experience, ICS is the first and only “Health Home” program in New York State with expertise in supporting individuals with physical disabilities. With its mission to help its members “remain healthy and independent,” ICS works to aid our underserved region.

Meeting people where they are

The expansion initiative of ICS’s Health Home program began in the spring of this year. The first phase focused on Staten Island. And now, ICS is expanding north to Yonkers and greater Westchester County.

We are excited to continue our expansion and to now serve the Westchester County community, including the city of Yonkers

Regina Martinez-Estela – ICS President and CEO

ICS’s Health Home program focuses on proactive care, aiming to keep individuals as healthy as possible and reducing hospitalizations and emergency room visits. This expansion underscores ICS’s commitment to its mission of serving those who were previously often confined to institutions. Allowing them to lead fulfilling lives as active members of the community.

With ICS’s entrance into Westchester County, more individuals with physical disabilities in the region can look forward to improved health, greater independence, and enhanced quality of life, thanks to the organization’s dedicated and disability-competent staff.

People with disabilities across New York lack important equipment, services, and supports, and we will now be a source of support for them. As one of the most underserved and vulnerable populations, people with disabilities can now turn to ICS and receive support through our disability-competent care and expert specialized services. We look forward to supporting residents of Yonkers and ensuring they are healthy and independent in the community.”

Regina Martinez-Estela – ICS President and CEO

For more information about the ICS Health Home program or to inquire about services in Westchester County, please contact [email protected]. You can also call direct to 646.653.6230. Additional details can be found on their website at

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