Yonkers Is Offering Free Vaccinations For Students Returning To School Today

Today, Westchester County is giving away free vaccinations for back to school.

Legislation eliminating non-medical exemptions from school vaccination regulations was just signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Within 14 days of the start of school, all kids who do not yet have their mandatory vaccinations must receive the first dosage.

The clinic today will be held at 20 S. Broadway in Yonkers from 9 am to 2 pm

It is crucial that we all stay current on all of our vaccinations, especially during a pandemic, according to Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler, MD. I advise parents and guardians to give their children any immunizations they may have missed. By doing this, we can stop an outbreak of a disease like pertussis or measles that can be prevented by vaccination and prevent kids from going to school.

Laws for school admissions forces schools to look more thoroughly children’s vaccination records, and if vaccines are not current, children may not be permitted to start or remain in school. Find out what shots your kids need by asking your pediatrician. All 7th and 12th-grade students must have the meningococcal vaccine, and they must also receive vaccinations against diphtheria, measles, and mumps.

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