Yonkers Launches First Community Fridge to Combat Food Insecurity

In a resounding move to address the pressing issue of food insecurity, Yonkers proudly inaugurated its first-ever community fridge on November 21.

The unveiling took place at St. Peter’s Child Care Center. This location pioneers seven others committed to this benevolent initiative. With the support of 185 dedicated parents, St. Peter’s has becomes the epicenter of a novel approach to ensuring families have access to essential sustenance. The fridge overflows with fresh produce, milk, eggs, and basic necessities, offering a lifeline for those facing food scarcity.

Opening of community fridge
Opening of community fridge – credit:@LegislatorJoseAlvarado

The landmark event drew a distinguished crowd of community leaders. Led by Aida Torrez, the Director of St. Peter’s Child Care Center, community advocate Hector “The Connector” Santiago, artists Katori Walker and Evan Bishop, City Council Member Corazón Pineda-Issac and County Legislator José Alvarado all celebrated this event. Their collective presence underscored the unity required to bring about positive change.

The first of many

Hector Santiago expressed his belief that accessibility is the key to overcoming food insecurity. He emphasized that this community fridge at St. Peter’s is not just a standalone effort. Rather, it’s a stepping stone towards a broader mission to establish these fridges all across Yonkers. As such, Hector The Connector has invited others to join the movement. He encouraged communities to reach out if they wish to support or request a fridge in their vicinity.

The enthusiasm for this altruistic venture extended beyond this neighborhood. The project also receives support from influential figures such as Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, ShopRite, YMCA, and the Matthew Wallace Foundation.

As Yonkers takes this monumental step, it sends a powerful message. “By uniting as a community, we can overcome challenges and ensure that no one goes to bed hungry” said Santiago.

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