Yonkers Still Safest City in New York; Falls in National Ranking

According to this year’s WalletHub rankings, Yonkers is the safest city in New York state. And while it ranks an impressive #8 nationally, it has slid from last year’s #6 position.

WalletHub‘s “2023 Safest Cities in America” report examined over 180 U.S. cities. It utilized 41 key metrics to gauge the level of safety they offer to their residents. These metrics ranged from per capita traffic fatalities and assaults to the unemployment rate and the percentage of the population without health insurance.

The comprehensive analysis aimed to provide a holistic view of safety, encompassing both physical and financial aspects.These nonphysical threats include financial risks such as unaffordable mortgages, lack of health insurance, or exposure to unsecured websites. Additionally, the study emphasized the growing concern over inflation’s impact on financial security.

The top ten safest cities in America

  1. Nashua, NH
  2. Columbia, MD
  3. South Burlington, VT
  4. Gilbert, AZ
  5. Warwick, RI
  6. Portland, ME
  7. Casper, WY
  8. Yonkers, NY
  9. Burlington, VT
  10. Scottsdale, AZ

While Yonkers secured the eighth spot in the overall ranking of the safest cities in America, it excelled in one category. Yonkers was notably ranked as the fourth safest city in terms of home and community safety. This category includes violent crimes like rape and murder, but also traffic fatalities and drug overdoses.

However, Yonkers ranked 39th in natural disaster risk and 122nd in financial safety. So, despite scoring well in the traditional view of safety, many in Yonkers still face dangers that risk their health and well-being.

You can view the full WalletHub report-including the methodology-by visiting their website here: https://wallethub.com/edu/safest-cities-in-america/41926

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