Yonkers Vape Store is Once Again Relishing Flavors, Making Full Use Of The Appeals Court’s Decision

The City of Yonkers outlawed the sale of flavored vaping goods last month. Following a decision by an appeals court, such goods were back on the shelves of neighborhood retailers on Wednesday.

Mayor Mike Spano was very clear in his initial support of the ban saying, “Flavored e-cigarettes aren’t about helping adults stop smoking. They’re about helping our kids start smoking. Yonkers needs to say no to creating a new generation of nicotine addicts.”

The Vape Cave owner Michael Bowers challenged the city, and he declared that success is as sweet as the flavored vaping items he is once more selling.“When you quit smoking, your taste buds alter. You desire fruity tastes,” Bowers remarked. According to Bowers, a large portion of his clients are former smokers.

A statewide ban on flavored products was in the works, but has since been put on hold.

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