Historic Yonkers Post Office Designated Local Landmark

Ninety-six years after it was erected, the Yonkers Post Office is officially a landmark. On February 14th, 2023, Yonkers City Council approved the building for Local Landmark status.

The United States Post Office Building sits on the corner of Buena Vista Avenue and Main Street. And it already holds the distinction of being on the National Register of Historic Places. By becoming a Local Landmark, the building is further protected—preserving its beauty and place within the Yonkers community for years to come.

The building stands as a grand monument downtown and boasts incredible limestone craftsmanship. This post office is unique because it is the only public building in Yonkers to feature a Neo-Classical design. With its location near the Hudson River, the building was constructed flush with the existing New York Railroad Station to be a transportation hub and intersection point downtown.

With its official Local Landmark status, the Yonkers Post Office gains a level of protection against future development. The designation also allows the Landmarks Preservation Board to maintain influence over the site if the United States Postal Service ever closes the location or decides to sell the building.

Built in 1927, the Yonkers Post Office was erected near the original postal delivery outlet on Albany Post Road, Philipse Manor. The first postal deliveries to the region began after the Revolutionary War in 1775, with postal outlets ranging from taverns to country stores. But as Yonkers continued to flourish throughout the 19th century, the need for a modern, permanent post office increased.

Construction on the building started in 1926 with a $520,000 budget. That’s more than $8 million dollars today. The Post Office construction was completed in just one year. Nearly 100 years later, it continues to serve the community of Yonkers as a post office today.

The decision by Yonkers City Council and the Landmarks Preservation Board to preserve the Yonkers Post Office will ensure the landmark property is safeguarded for future generations to enjoy.

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