Proposed Studio Apartments on Warburton and Woodworth Faces Community Backlash

A proposal to construct a six-story apartment building with 36 studio units is causing a stir among residents in the Warburton and Woodworth Avenue neighborhood.

The vacant 0.29-acre parcel sits on 289 Warburton Ave. and 230 Woodworth Ave. Developer, Warburton Equities LLC, highlighted the uniqueness of the property’s configuration, with frontage on two streets. Because of this, 18 units would face Warburton Avenue, and the other half of the 36 studios face Woodworth Avenue. The two lower levels of parking accommodates the single allotted parking space per apartment.

289 Warburton Rendering
Rendering of 289 Warburton apartments – credit: Hartman Design

The Yonkers Zoning Board of Appeals has granted variances for front and rear yard setbacks, as well as variances for the parking layout. Additionally, the board issued a negative declaration regarding environmental impacts. This all but signals full approval for the project.

Community concerns

However, not all residents support the proposed development. Concerns about the existing traffic congestion and insufficient parking spaces in the area were voiced during a public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Some residents emphasized the need for green space and play areas for children. They argued that the community requires these amenities more than another apartment building. Wendy Lora, a neighbor living next to the proposed project, passionately expressed her opposition before the board.

Zoning laws currently exist to protect the residents, particularly the ones that live directly next door. This project in its scope will be detrimental to the life and health of my children, my family, and the conditions of my home.

Wendy Lora – resident of Yonkers

The clash between Yonkers’ residents at the Zoning Board of Appeals continues with almost a clean sweep of cases rejecting protests from the people. Ergo, the express train of approvals for developers is likely to continue in this case. The result of which will be the further population-swelling of the waterfront neighborhoods via high-density rental apartments.

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