See My Space: Sam’s Luxury Waterfront Haven in the Avalon

Meet Samantha, or “Sam” a 34-year-old Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, who found her perfect haven in Yonkers’ bustling downtown. Seven years ago, she made the move from sunny Florida to the charming New York city of Yonkers. She currently resides in a cozy one-bedroom apartment within the Avalon building on Alexander Street near the Hudson River waterfront.

See My Space - Sam cover
Sam with “Diesel” – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

Sam’s apartment, spanning around 800 square feet, offers her a spacious and comfortable living space. However, comfort comes at a price, as she doles out $2,900 per month in rent, in addition to around $200 for utilities. Despite the cost, she values the unique features of her residence.

Seeking the finer things

Choosing her current dwelling involved a desire for a more modern and amenity-rich environment. Sam previously lived in a different downtown building, but sought a place with additional conveniences. Her apartment’s proximity to the boardwalk and local restaurants, coupled with a less crowded atmosphere away from Main Street, made it an ideal choice.

Living close to the water and having ample open spaces for dog walks are aspects Sam cherishes about her neighborhood. She appreciates the tranquility of the area, particularly since it contrasts with the bustling Main Street.

See My Space - Sam balcony Hudson
View of the Hudson River – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

The views of the Hudson are beautiful, especially in the fall with the change of the leaves.

Sam’s favorite spot in her apartment is the rooftop lounge. The panoramic views of the Hudson River provide a serene backdrop. The walkway along the river complements her love for outdoor activities, creating a perfect escape for her and her dog. And the large pool is the perfect place for summertime fun.

See My Space - Sam balcony
Sam’s rooftop – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

Sam seems to have found solace and joy in her mid-century modern style decorated space. The apartment reflects her artistic flair, with a neutral color palette and rust accents on her couches. Watercolor paintings, favorite photos, and a curated book collection adorn the walls.

See My Space - Sam living room
Diesel guarding the living room – credit: Elizabeth Diaz
See My Space - Sam iguana
Sam and her pet iguana – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

The large kitchen island and abundance of cabinet space provides ample room for Sam’s cooking needs–and then some. She also absolutely loves her huge walk-in closet which contributes to the functionality of her living space. This is especially helpful to store her massive book collection. But, she’s sure to keep out the ones she loves and the ones she has yet to read.

Not her “forever home”

However, not everything is perfect in Sam’s paradise. Her least favorite aspect about living in the Avalon is the lack of parking. Especially when inviting friends over to enjoy the amenities, finding a spot can be challenging. The street often has few available spaces and some places aren’t very safe to park.

But as much as Sam adores her current apartment, she envisions a future where she owns her own property. The rising rent prices, especially in Yonkers, have motivated her to consider her long-term plans.

The price of rent goes up every year that I feel like I’m wasting money versus investing in something of my own.

See My Space - Sam reading in kitchen
Sam reading in her kitchen – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

So, Sam views her waterfront luxury apartment as a great place for now. It’s expensive and continues to get more so, but amenities like the view, pool, and spaciousness keep her content until she buys a place of her own. Until then, the Sam’s apartment offers her the best of both worlds – a tranquil escape from city chaos and the vibrant energy of city living.

See My Space Sam and Diesel
“Say bye-bye, Diesel!” – credit: Elizabeth Diaz

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