Cybersecurity Threat Disrupts Operations at Empire City Casino in Yonkers

Empire City Casino finds itself grappling with a cybersecurity threat that has sent ripples across MGM Resorts properties nationwide. As a result, several digital systems crucial to the casino’s operations have been rendered inconsistent or completely nonfunctional.

A representative for Empire City Casino stated on Wednesday that the establishment’s slots and gaming tables remain open. However, they revealed that numerous essential digital systems are either malfunctioning or down. Customers are currently unable to make payments using credit cards, obtain cash advances, or utilize ATMs, which have ceased operation. Additionally, both free play and account play options are inaccessible, according to the casino’s service desk.

Visitors to Empire City Casino are advised to bring cash for now, as checks cannot be used on-premises. While ATM machines will accept debit cards with PINs, they will not facilitate cash advances against credit cards. The situation is evolving rapidly, and Empire City Casino employees are urging patrons to plan accordingly.

A nationwide hack

The troubles at Empire City Casino are part of a broader cybersecurity incident that has afflicted MGM Resorts properties nationwide. On Monday, news broke that the incident had led to system-wide disruptions, impacting various aspects of MGM Resorts operations, including email, reservations, bookings, and casino websites. MGM Resorts owns and operates casinos in six states across the United States. All of these properties have been affected by the ongoing cybersecurity issue.

While slot machines are still functional at Empire City Casino, a report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday noted that roughly 60 percent of slot machines and computer-based games at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas were out of service.

MGM Resorts issued a statement on Monday, acknowledging the cybersecurity issue and stating that they had initiated an investigation with the assistance of external cybersecurity experts. The investigation remains ongoing as they work to determine the full extent and nature of the incident.

Empire City Casino has been actively pursuing expansion a full gaming license in recently. While currently operating as a racino alongside Yonkers Raceway, MGM Resorts has indicated its willingness to invest in the venue, pending the acquisition of a full-scale casino license. The ongoing cybersecurity challenge now presents a potential hurdle in these aspirations.

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