Man Stabbed Inside Yonkers Family Dollar Store

This story was originally published by Ardina Seward on the SW YONKERS’ HAMLETHUB

The Family Dollar store located at 7 Main street in Yonkers Getty Square was the scene of a violent stabbing on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Although YPD has been diligent in the clean up of the area, some crimes have managed to elude the blue wall of safety.

Due to the location that has heavy pedestrian traffic and the lack of security personnel. the Getty Square store location is vulnerable to shop lifting and employee harassment.

As recently as ten days ago, a shopper at Family Dollar, observed an intoxicated man proposition a young female cashier stating ” I wanna f–k you” It was particularly offensive to the young woman who was dressed in traditional Islamic clothing. When admonished by the store night manager, he declared that he had a gun but would not use it. Although he was known to frequent the store, his presence still left the three young female employees in a state of apprehension. Due to the fact that it was night time and approaching closing, they faced the possibility of him lurking outside the store when they exited.

In the instance of shoplifting, the Family Dollar Store policy borders on laissez faire as can seen in these stories.


It is common knowledge that the cost of shoplifting is eventually absorbed by the consumer. Consider that Family Dollar has consistently raised it’s prices and it’s profits have increased substantially. Their iconic portrayal of dollar merchandise has given way to some items in excess of $10. However, the increased profits have not been reflected in either employee salaries or store security.

In June 2022, a Family Dollar Store employee in Florida, passed away as a result of an altercation with a shoplifter. The store chain was investigated by OSHA and now faces steep fines.

Thieves know that there are little if any consequences for stealing from both Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree stores in Yonkers which Family Dollar owns. The stores have become a laughable contest between those that pay and those that do not.

In the current climate of low bail, and Family Dollar’s own employee policies in regards to stopping shop lifters, the losers are the employees with low pay and consumers confronted with higher purchase prices. City Council persons in the impacted area have done little to reassure shoppers that they are safe when shopping in the store or made attempts to dialogue with Family Dollar headquarters for clarity on employee policies. This puts the public at risk.

However, it should be noted that if an employee has safety concerns at any workplace, he or she can file a complaint with OSHA anonymously and have it investigated.

If you are in search of adventure and have some self defense skills, Dollar Tree is hiring.

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