Parents of Teens Struck by Bus Seek Punishment for Driver

The parents of two teenage twin boys who were hit by a bus last month are calling on the Yonkers Police Department and the Royal Coach bus company to act.

At 6:57 on the morning of January 31st, the 16-year-old Christian and Nicholas McFarlane attempted to cross the intersection of Warburton and Lamartine avenues. Local security camera footage shows a school bus making a left turn and not yielding to these two young pedestrians. The driver struck the teens down to the street, paused, then continued to drive away.

The brothers then got up from the ground and continued to school. While in class Nicholas began to feel the effects of the incident and was later taken to the hospital emergency department for testing. No permanent injury has yet been reported.

The father, Frank McFarlane, is an MTA bus driver himself. In regards to the driver who struck his sons he said, “He should know the seriousness of the incident, you’re not supposed to hit anyone and leave the scene of an accident, that is also just common sense and inhumane.” The boys’ mother, Suzette Lennard, had a similar reaction to the actions of the bus driver. “I felt sick to my stomach that something like this could happen and the fact that the driver didn’t stop.”

The Royal Coach bus company is the proprietor of the bus involved in this incident. They have stated only that they fired the 78-year-old bus driver. The Yonkers Police department have not issued any penalties to the driver. In response to this apparent lack of action from the company and the YPD, father Frank McFarlane said…

“He’s a hazard regardless of if he’s fired, his license should be revoked and he has to do the time for the crime.”

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