Vincent Spano Re-Appointed to Third Five-Year Term as City Clerk of Yonkers

Vincent “Vinny” Spano saw his re-appointment as the City Clerk of Yonkers during last night’s City Council meeting. This next five-year term extends his prior two terms as head of that department. In total, this adds to his overall 20 years of service in government.

About the Clerk’s Office

The Yonkers Office of the City Clerk serves as the custodian of vital records. It is firstly responsible and known for issuing various licenses and permits. These range from the common documents like marriage licenses and birth certificates, to more unusual requests like Bingo and gaming licenses.

The City Council votes to appoint the City Clerk and the two Deputies which aid the operation of that office. These operations which further include overseeing legislative responsibilities of said Council. Specifically, scheduling council meetings and maintaining their official records.

About Vinny Spano

Vincent “Vinny” Spano, the younger brother of Mayor Mike Spano, has worked in City government for 20 years. After serving under both Jose Alvarado and Joan Dierlien, in 2013 the City Council appointed Mr. Spano himself to the top spot. He entered that office “[wanting] to make improvements to the office and modernize our services.”

Over the past decade, Spano grew the office and its services as promised. With the assistance of his Deputies, Mike Ramondelli and Nerissa Pena, the office expanded its offerings to include international passport applications and prepaid E-Z Pass tags. The volume of new services even necessitated a full office remodel on the first floor of City Hall. In sum, the revenue generated by the Office of the City Clerk has doubled under Vinny Spano’s tenure.

Third term’s a charm

During last night’s City Council meeting on his re-appointment, the members unanimously delivered their affirmative votes coupled with compliments. John Rubbo noted the Clerk’s office’s continued operation through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He cited this as a commendable example to other municipalities that shuttered their services during that same time. Colleague Shanae Williams said that her own run for Westchester County Clerk in 2021 was in part inspired by the work done here in the city, and that “Yonkers has been leading the way.”

In a press release provided to The Yonkers Ledger, City Clerk Spano thanked the bipartisan support delivered by the Council. He also thanked his “diligent” staff for their “professional and friendly service.”

I came into this job looking to make lasting improvements and I am committed to finding more innovative ways to benefit the people of Yonkers.

To find out more about how the City Clerk’s office, their hours of operation, and the services they provide, visit their webpage here:

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  1. Congratulations Vincent Spano. Your first order of business is to dump the clown in the 6 district. Make it painful and public.

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