Yonkers Man Arrested for Operating Stolen Car Chop Shop in New Jersey

Authorities announced the arrest of Edison Cuevas, a 37-year-old resident of Yonkers on January 30 for allegedly operating a stolen car “chop shop.”

Following a tip from cleaning staff, police discovered a chop shop operating at Veracity Stone Fabricators on 23 Daniel Road in Fairfield, New Jersey. Local authorities believe that Cuevas played a significant role in dismantling several stolen motor vehicles at the warehouse during the early morning hours of January 29. Upon the discover of the chop shop, Edison Cuevas surrendered to Fairfield authorities. They then transferred him to Essex County Jail.

The charges against him include two counts of receiving stolen motor vehicles, one count of operating a facility for the sale of stolen automobile parts, and a single count of conspiracy to operate such a facility.

Fairfield police revealed that two of the dismantled Honda CRVs were reported stolen in December and January. Shockingly, they found one of their engines scattered across the floor of the business. Police reported that the VIN of one vehicle was defaced while the VIN of another was concealed. This indicates potential efforts to conceal the origin of the stolen vehicles, further complicating their ongoing efforts.

Community concern

The discovery of the chop shop inside the local business raised concerns among both law enforcement and its community. Fairfield Police Officer Stacy Chiarolanza expressed surprise, stating, “It鈥檚 bizarre to think that no one knew this was going on, as far as people that work here.” She continued, “We don鈥檛 know whether this was just a weekend type thing.”

Police Chief Anthony G. Manna commended the outstanding work of the detectives involved in tracking down the suspects in this case. “Our detectives have demonstrated exceptional dedication in their pursuit of justice, diligently assessing the culpability of each individual involved,” stated Chief Manna. He further emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation. Manna noted that the department is still actively exploring leads and not discounting the possibility of further arrests.

Officer Chiarolanza further remarked on the significance of the discovery.

This could be big. I don鈥檛 know how big it could be, but I think we鈥檙e only at the tip of the iceberg.

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