Yonkers Police Department Immediately Use Reptile Training to Remove Snake from Apartment Lobby

In a stroke of fortuitous timing, the Yonkers Police Department‘s Emergency Service Unit showcased the practicality of their recent reptile handling training on Wednesday. The unit had undergone an intensive session on Tuesday evening, imparted by reptile experts Steve and his son Zach. Little did they know, the very next day would put their newfound knowledge to the test.

Early in the day, the Emergency Service Unit responded to their first call. Residents of an apartment building reported a snake in their lobby. The intruder turned out to be a fully grown Northern Brown Snake, measuring over a foot in length. While this particular species is native to the area, the good news was that it posed no threat to residents, being nonvenomous.

Yonkers Police reptile snake training
Yonkers Police reptile snake training – credit: Facebook

The officers swiftly implemented their recently acquired reptile-handling skills, ensuring a safe capture of the snake. Following the successful apprehension, they relocated the creature to a wooded area nearby, providing it with a more suitable environment.

The circumstances surrounding the snake’s unexpected appearance were attributed to the abrupt drop in temperatures outside. It seemed the serpent had sought refuge within the warmth of the apartment building. This behavior is not uncommon for cold-blooded reptiles when faced with chilly weather.

Yonkers Police Department officials remarked on the irony of the situation, emphasizing the importance of ongoing training. “Call it a coincidence, call it irony – regardless, this is why we train,” stated a social media post by the YPD.

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