Yonkers Repeat Offender Arrested in Ulster County Drug Bust

Law enforcement in Ulster County has apprehended a Yonkers man, Kenneth Ivey, for the second time in connection with criminal sale and possession of drugs. The investigation initiated in November 2022 and reached its culmination on November 29, 2023. Authorities uncovered a substantial cache of illicit substances during Ivey’s arrest in the City of Kingston.

The saga began with Kingston City and Town of Ulster Police investigating cocaine and crack cocaine distribution in the county. A first arrest occurred in January 2023, when Ivey was initially charged in connection with drug offenses. After an arraignment in Kingston City Court, he was released, only to resurface on the police radar months later.

Detectives resumed their probe in October, tracking Ivey’s return to Ulster County. This effort culminated in his second arrest on November 29. The arrest revealed an alarming discovery of cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin at a Kingston residence. The subsequent indictment by a grand jury on Thursday, November 30, emphasized the gravity of the narcotics charges against Ivey.

The case underscores the persistent challenges faced by law enforcement in combatting drug-related crimes from repeat offenders.

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