Black Democrats of Westchester County Respond to Call for Ken Jenkins to be Removed from Redistricting Commission

Official Press Release from Black Democrats of Westchester County

This is in response to NYCD 16 Indivisible Letter to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins dated Jan. 14, 2024:

It is divisive and unacceptable for Indivisible CD16 to baselessly smear the good names of Westchester’s leading African American public servants. The fact that Indivisible CD16 chose Martin Luther King Jr. weekend to demand that the first black female Senate Majority Leader remove Chair Ken Jenkins from the Independent Redistricting Commission, and question her judgement shows that they don’t understand the real threats in our community. We need to stand together as we fight for democracy.

Freedom is on the line, and CD16 chooses to attack our African American leaders.

Ken Jenkins has always been a man of unquestioned integrity, and for Indivisible CD16 to assert otherwise is utterly ridiculous and insulting to the African American community of Westchester. Indivisible CD16 owes Leader Stewart Cousins and Ken Jenkins an immediate apology, and they should rethink whatever irrational political strategy they have in attacking them.

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