Bowman vs. Latimer in the 16th Congressional District

The 16th Congressional District covers parts of the Bronx and parts of Westchester County, including Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon. The 16th Congressional District population is 775,000 persons. The demographics are as follows:

White: 34%

Black: 29%

Hispanic: 27%

Other: 10%

35% Non–English speakers at home

50% are homeowners

Per Capita Income: $62,726

48% College educated

$634,000 “Medium Value Owner Occupied Housing Units”

Some of the issues highlighted by both candidates running for the 16th Congressional District are:

A very important part of this primary on June 25, 2024 are the new congressional lines. New York State will draw new lines that will determine who will have an edge in the primary.

Bowman thinks he will have the upper hand if the new lines include more of the Bronx, while Latimer thinks that if more of Westchester County and Rockland County is included, he will have the upper hand in the primary.

In a very short time, the voters will know the actual congressional lines and then they will make their choice heard.

The War in the Middle East is an ever-present issue, which is polarizing the district. Latimer states that he is a strong supporter of Israel, the only Democratic nation in the Middle East.

I worked closely with former Congressman Eliot Engel and saw his influence in our community. We need a congressman who is a bridge between Washington DC and the 16th Congressional District

This is a “Historical Election.”

Vote on primary day June 25, 2024. Vote for the candidate of your choice.

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