Merante Calls for Proactive Youth Initiatives To Halt the Growth of Yonkers Gang Violence

Official Press Release from Anthony Merante

City of Yonkers, 6th District Councilmember and mayoral candidate Anthony Merante called out the urgent need to address the growth of gangs and gang violence resulting from drug turf wars. He commended the police on the great job in apprehending perpetrators but stated, “Gang violence is a growing cancer, and we must cut it at its roots. It has spread to our streets and even to our schools with stabbings and shootings. The growth of our drug addicted population affects businesses and communities everywhere but especially in Southwest Yonkers, North Yonkers, and Nodine Hill resulting in ‘snatch and grabs’, shoplifting and collateral violence. We must be proactive with our kids to keep them from being lured into gangs. In recent years, youth programs like D.A.R.E, PAL and sports programs have seen cutbacks. Our youth need activities but most importantly jobs to earn money, so they don’t get involved in the drug trade. We must intervene with our kids to prevent them from destroying their futures with criminal records. As mayor, saving our youth from gangs and a life of crime will be a top priority in my administration.”

Merante believes Albany’s “catch and release” bail bond laws are handcuffing our police and must be repealed. He intends to fight them vigorously. Merante wants to increase our community policing efforts to rebuild and strengthen the relationship between the community and our Yonkers Police. Merante said, “Building a strong partnership with communities and law enforcement will aid in identifying individuals at-risk of violence. A proactive initiative is needed to place police presence in at risk neighborhoods and reinstituting foot patrols. which would foster better relations with locals and provide valuable intelligence for crime prevention.”

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