Tasha Diaz Releases Statement on Her Ouster As City Council Majority Leader

Official Statement from City Council Member Tasha Diaz

This evening the Yonkers City Council took historic and unprecedented measures to remove me as Majority Leader of the Yonkers City Council. While I am disappointed that my colleagues took these measures due to unsubstantiated stories without any review by an independent body or wrongdoing found, I am undeterred and look forward to serving my constituents as their councilwoman.

Political opponents on the City Council may be able to remove me as Majority Leader, but I stand proud to continue to fulfill my constitutional duty to the voters of the district, who re-elected me in a mandate.

Stability in government that is working for the betterment of the people is something that voters have wanted , as seen this past year where the three incumbents for city government won re-election. Sadly that stability will be forever lost by this distinguished legislative body due to the actions of my colleagues.

Many of the allegations levied against me in news reports were stated on the record in the reorganization meeting two years ago when I was first elected majority leader, yet many of the very Council members who voted to remove me today had supported me back then.

The illegal audio recording taken of me by Councilwoman Pineda-Isaac was recorded over 2 years ago. Even more troubling, during the November 2023 SOMOS conference in Puerto Rico, City Council President Lakisha Collins-Bellamy approached me and informed me about the illegally obtained recording, but still voted to re-elect me as Majority Leader a few weeks ago.

Many may wonder what spurned the stories and action by the Council considering many in the Council were well aware for months and years of the allegations, but only decided to take action after stories were published. Recently, I fired my Chief of Staff for wrongdoing and since then there has been a coordinated effort to take things out of context and paint myself in a bad light.

This vote that occurred today was nothing more than political expediency for 4 Council members concerned about their re-election prospects in 2025.

In the future, I hope all my colleagues hold themselves to the same standard that they held me to today. My colleagues can continue to waste time and city resources on this matter; however, I look forward to delivering to the people of Yonkers and keeping our city moving forward in the right direction.

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