Who Is Really Paying for All of This Affordable Housing in Yonkers?

Yonkers, Mt Vernon, New Rochelle and Peekskill are the primary locations of low income affordable housing in Westchester County. These cities, with a majority-minority citizenry, are hosting the majority of Westchester County‘s low-income housing inventory.

Yonkers, where I live, hosts 40% of this inventory just on the west side of the City where the population is only 10% of the County’s total population. This has caused concern with home and business owners on the west side as we have finally realized that placing so many low income people in one area is doing to the economics and future of the area.

When checking the tax records of most of these properties we find that although the City Of Yonkers has a multi-million dollar deficit in our public schools, most of these projects pay no school tax. Now the average home owner in Yonkers pays between five to eight thousand dollars in school tax. But, most of the subsidized low-income properties pay no school tax. They pay very little, if any, City of Yonkers or County of Westchester property taxes. They do pay for solid waste and sewage but that is the extent of what I believe they pay.

So for instance, if we have a 150-unit housing development, they pay no tax. If you have a moderate single family home you will pay nine thousand dollars in taxes.

So we arrive at the questions for these citizens of these cities

Who pays for the cost generated by hosting all this low income housing? Is it born on the backs of the local homeowners, condos, co-ops, and small businesses?

Is the County stepping up to pay for the cost of everyday services like fire protection, police, and street cleaning? Or are the everyday cost of running these cities born by the local residents?

As election day approaches, we see television ads taking credit for the amount of affordable housing being brought to Yonkers. But, not a word about it all being relegated to just one side of our city.

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  1. This article is spot on! I live in Florida now where there is near zero public housing provided even though it’s the most pressing economic issue our nation is facing. If you go north of White Plains the open space is in abundance. However, as I’m sure you know, Zoning and Planning Boards are an obstacle not easy to navigate. The infrastructure needed to keep up with the building of additional housing is quite an expense. Yes, building it is wonderful yet the extra expenses for schools and public safety is up to the local municipality to deal with. It’s like someone inviting out to dinner then they hand you the bill. Thank you for the article.

    Jeff Meyer

  2. Wow. People are so selfish in this county. As if none of you had grandparents or great grandparents who got help coming to the US and getting established here. So you don’t believe in helping disadvantaged? Many great ppl started out poor and made contributions to society.

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