Community Voices Heard Power Members Endorse 3 Candidates in Yonkers to Combat the Housing Crisis

Official Press Release from Community Voices Heard Power

Members of Community Voices Heard Power today announced their endorsement of Corazon Pineda-Isaac for Yonkers Mayor, Christopher Johnson for Westchester County Legislator District 16, and Shatika Parker for Yonkers City Council District 1.

“Our members are excited to endorse these three candidates, who will and have shown up for our communities when it comes to fighting for affordable housing policy and diversifying government,” said Community Voices Heard Executive Director Juanita O. Lewis. “Both Corazon Pineda-Isaac and Christopher Johnson have worked with our members since the beginning of their careers in elected government and have shown up to defend housing rights and advocate for a more equitable Yonkers for all residents.”

“Shatika, Chris, and Corazon have demonstrated they work for and with community members instead of against,” said Community Voices Heard Yonkers Member Kumi Owusu. “They have actively supported policies and activities to improve our housing, education, and food crises.”

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of Community Voices Heard Power because the heart of this organization is what my campaign is rooted in — uplifting community voices that are often unheard and giving residents a seat at the table. I am thankful for this endorsement and collaboration and look forward to the amazing work ahead of us, as we empower community members and push forward in the areas of housing, employment and more!” said Shatika Parker, candidate for Yonkers City Council, District 1.

“I am deeply honored to have earned the support of CVH Power and thank the members for recognizing the historic opportunity to elect the first woman and first person of color as Mayor of Yonkers. Our city needs new leadership. It needs a Mayor who is truly committed to advancing the issues that people of Yonkers face like lack of affordable housing and underfunded schools. I look forwarded to working with CVH Power to enact policies in Yonkers that truly improve the lives of our people,” said Corazon Pineda-Isaac, Democratic candidate for Mayor.

“CVHPower’s membership looks just like the district I represent and has the same everyday experiences as the people I represent. I am proud that they stand with me as I continue to fight for equitable housing and employment opportunities throughout Westchester, but specifically in District 16,” said Hon. Christopher A. Johnson, candidate for Westchester County Legislator, District 16.

Primary Election Day in New York State is June 27, 2023, followed by the General Election on November 7, 2023.

CVHPower is committed to supporting women, people of color, and/or low-income people and building a model of co-governance with their communities.

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