George Latimer Delivers 2023 State of the County Address

Westchester County Executive George Latimer delivered his sixth State of the County Address on Thursday, June 29th. He highlighted the achievements and future plans of his administration during the hour-long speech. Addressing a full Board of Legislators Chamber, Latimer emphasized the county’s “unyielding strength, unity, and boundless potential.”

During his address, Latimer showcased seven short videos that depicted the accomplishments of the past year. He emphasized the administration’s focus on reducing taxes, supporting asylum seekers, and combating crime within the county. One such video–highlighting public safety–can be watched below.

Latimer touts that the implementation of four consecutive tax cuts has provided relief to homeowners and strengthened the local economy through smart fiscal management. He stated, “cutting County property taxes is not mere political rhetoric – it is a tangible action that directly impacts the lives of our residents. It allows hardworking County residents to keep more of their earnings, invest in their dreams, and worry less about financial burdens.”

Another significant highlight of the State of the County Address was the decline in crime rates throughout Westchester County. Through collaborative efforts with the Department of Public Safety, local police departments, and community organizations, Latimer’s administration has made progress in creating safer neighborhoods. He pledged to continue enhancing public safety and ensuring the well-being of all residents.

County Executive Latimer also recognized the work of supporting asylum seekers who have been transported into the county. By prioritizing essential services and resources, the county wishes to become a model for humanitarian efforts and an example of compassion and inclusivity. Latimer emphasized the need to treat asylum seekers with dignity while ensuring a fair and efficient immigration process. He acknowledged their struggles and their aspirations for a better life, stating, “They come seeking refuge, hoping for a chance at a better life for themselves and their families.”

Furthermore, Latimer highlighted the allocation of millions of dollars in capital funding for various projects, including the rebuilding of parks, restoring historical sites, and upgrading recreational facilities.

Citing his administration’s accomplishments and future plans, Latimer seeks to continue making Westchester County a prosperous and inclusive community, guided by principles of compassion, unity, and progress.

Watch the full address here:

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