Former Democratic Yonkers Councilmember Joan Gronowski Endorses Anthony Merante for Mayor

Official Press Release from Antony Merante

Joan Gronowski, the former outspoken Councilmember from District 3, has endorsed Anthony Merante for Mayor of Yonkers. Joan, currently Independent and unaffiliated with any political party stated, “I don’t judge candidates based on their party affiliation but on the content of their character. Anthony Merante is an honest man with integrity. He has proven this by taking on the fight to Restore Term Limits in Yonkers and has taken on powerful special interests to protect our neighborhoods. He fought for Grassy Sprain residents to stop UPS from building a dangerous 24,000 gallon above ground gas tank next to their community and has stood with homeowners to fight a Chick-fil-A location that would create a traffic nightmare for residents. As a councilmember for almost six years, Anthony Merante has been a tireless worker for his constituents. He is an independent fighter with the business experience and community involvement needed to be a great mayor for the City of Yonkers.”

Anthony Merante stated, “I’m honored to have the support of Joan Gronowski. Joan was always a fierce fighter for the people she represented while on the Yonkers City Council. I have long admired Joan’s tenacity, her courage in standing up for what’s right, calling out injustices and demanding change. I’m very appreciative of her endorsement.

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