Mark Fang Drops Out of County Legislator Race

As quickly as he entered, Mark Fang has exited the race for district 15 of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

On February 16th, attorney Mark Fang announced his intent to seek the Democratic nomination for the WCBOL. His entrance setup a challenge to the former office-holder, Ruth Walter, who wishes to retake the seat from Republican James Nolan. Walter was already facing a tough race in the general, and this news about a primary surely was not welcome. She immediately made comments citing her new Democratic challenger’s bona fides. Fang was a long-time Republican–both serving in Republican administrations and running under the GOP’s line. And it is this fact Walter appeared to tee-up as her strategy against him.

But in a last minute surprise, Fang removed his name from consideration for the Democratic Party‘s endorsement. Via an irregularly organized convention on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, he announced to the executive committee that he was dropping out. Reportedly, this was to protect the seat’s chances for a Dem win, but the underlying truth of the story has been contested.

A potential primary opponent decided not to run, and I look forward to his input in my campaign to retake the 15th for Democrats this November. […] I am the best choice this November against a Republican.

Ruth Walter

This leaves the three-time nominee Ruth Walter set to run uncontested in June’s primary. Not having a primary opponent frees up a lot of resources for any candidate. Most races are about money raised and money spent, and not having to spend in a primary – as Nolan won’t have to do either – sets up an even more competitive general election in November.

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