Mark Fang Wants to Upset Both Nolan and Walter for District 15 Legislator

Attorney Mark Fang announced that he will seek the 15th district seat on the Westchester County Board of Legislators. The former Republican is running for the Democratic nomination to knock out the prior office-holder, Ruth Walter.

Mark Fang has decades of experience as a lawyer in and for government. He served as director of the Westchester County Department of Consumer Protection and executive director of the Westchester County Human Rights Commission. Fang is also presently the executive director of the Human Rights Commission in Yonkers which hosts notable members like Hector Santiago. Fang has also ran for Westchester County Board of Legislators decades ago.

“I am proud to announce my candidacy for Westchester County Legislator. I am ready to hit the ground running on Day 1 and deliver to the people of the district”

Mark Fang

Fang now enters an already contested race for legislator. Ruth Walter had held the district 15 seat before losing it to Republican James Nolan in 2021. They are both running again this year. Notably, Nolan also changed his registration from R to D, only to flip back to Republican again to best Walter in the general. Given the new demographics of the district after the 2022 redistricting, the Democratic nominee will be more competitive to the chagrin of enthusiastically conservative Nolan. So, the primary election may prove more decisive than the general in November.

In response to Fang’s run, opponent Ruth Walter noted his wavering political allegiances.

“I think it’s problematic for someone who served under the Astorino administration and ran twice previously as a Republican and has now reportedly recently switched parties without stating plainly as to why […] I’m a Democrat from Day One!”

But, will being a Democrat from day one be enough in Yonkers? With so many Republicans who flippantly change their registration to the Democratic party – and still win – it may not matter at all.

The Democratic primary is on June 23rd, 2023.

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