Press Release From Margaret Fountain-Coleman Campaign

Official release from Margaret Fountain-Coleman for Mayor

Yonkers Teacher Declares Candidacy for Mayor

January 15, 2023- Yonkers, New York- Margaret Fountain Coleman announced today she will be running for the office of Mayor of the City of Yonkers in the upcoming election. Residents from all around the city of Yonkers gathered for an event held outside of Yonkers City Hall on Sunday, January 15, 2023, at 2:00 in the afternoon, Mrs. Fountain-Coleman announced that she has filed a campaign committee with the New York State Board of Elections and intends to run for the office of the executive of the more than 200,000 resident city, which is the third largest city in the State of New York.

Introduced by friend and colleague, Mount Vernon Council Member Lisa Copeland, who described Fountain-Coleman as a “servant leader” who is “prepared for this moment”. Copeland concluded her speech saying “I believe Yonkers will be well served by her…. I bring on the next mayor of the City of Yonkers”. Fountain-Coleman was the first African American to serve as a trustee in the Village of Tuckahoe and was also elected to the town council in South Boston, Viriginia. Fountain-Coleman was quoted saying…

“I am both proud and excited to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Yonkers. Democracy is in jeopardy and will continue to see a mass exodus of Yonkers’ residents because of fiscal irresponsibility and lack of affordable housing and employment opportunities. Voters in Yonkers have so few options, it’s time for the election of a “new voice” that will appropriately address the issues that plague our city. It’s time to make Yonkers ONE community.”

“When I learned that Margaret Coleman had placed her name in the running to be the next mayor of Yonkers, I nodded with approval and without hesitation offered her my endorsement. Empathy, directness, and perseverance are qualities that Margaret has in abundance. As mayor of Yonkers, Margaret Coleman will be the leader whose “feet on the ground” sensibilities will translate into the representation and collaboration with business and government that will equitably service all the citizens of Yonkers.” added Dan Florin, Yonkers Teacher

Margaret Fountain-Coleman is an innovative and efficient leader that represents what Yonkers needs for its students and this community, said Bryan Boyd, Yonkers Teacher

Over the past several years, Margaret has spearheaded and helped implement a number of successful Board initiatives that have helped make a difference in the lives of women across Westchester County. She approaches each task at hand in a thoughtful, collaborative, and compassionate manner that makes working with her a true pleasure. “I expect that she will bring the same experience to the City of Yonkers, and I look forward to helping her become the First Woman elected to the office of mayor”, stated Shannon Powell.

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