Republicans Distract Americans From Looming Government Shutdown With Sham Impeachment Inquiry

Official Press Release from Jamaal Bowman

Today, Speaker McCarthy announced a sham impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden in an effort to bring attention away from the failures of House Republicans to be able to pass a budget and avoid a government shutdown.

“Speaker McCarthy and the dysfunctional Republican party are wasting time with their comical impeachment inquiry into President Biden instead of focusing on passing appropriations bills. We’re just 3 weeks away from a government shutdown where millions of government employees won’t get paid, small businesses won’t be able to apply for federal loans, the NIH has to shut down most medical research, and more. We should be focused on doing our job by helping the American people & funding critical services, not forcing a shutdown & plotting baseless impeachment inquiries. This is yet another example of Republican dysfunction and continues to show why many across the country do not want to trust or participate in our government. It’s our job in Congress to help the American people, from funding our public schools to making sure everyone is housed.”

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